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New investments

If you want to build a house (or renovate an existing one) you should also think about its heating. Try implementing energy-saving devices like: heat pumps, solar panels or water jacket fireplace. Even though it will cost more at first, the return will more than cover the expenses. What is more, it is possible to ask the state for subsidy. The ventilation system and wall insulation are also crucial as well as purchasing a suitable parcel and the house's location.

Buying new household products, like washing machines, refrigerators or dishwashers, one should always pay attention to the energy label, and if possible, choosing products with the A-class label. It's not uncommon for such equipment to be more expensive, but the return is noticeable after several months of usage.

Everyday activities

Replace the light bulbs with energy-saving ones, starting with the ones you use the most often and the longest. When next time you compare the bills you will notice a substantial difference!

Install Venturi tubes or throttles in all taps and you may achieve a 30-40% (or more) lower water usage.
Always unplug electrical appliances so they aren't running at 'stand-by' mode. You can use power strips or special, remote-controlled devices that will cut off the electiricity.

Try to prioritise low-temperature washing or 'Eco programs' when using a dishwasher or a washing machine.



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