Start with your car.

You benefit directly from:

  1. Paying less for fuel;
  2. Increased safety on the road;
  3. Avoiding fines;
  4. Gaining comfort and positive attitude which you then keep for the rest of the day.

Indirect benefits for you and the society:

  1. Using less fuel translates into lowering the demand, which in turn lowers the fuel price;
  2. Using less fuel helps protecting the environnment by minimising exhaust fume emission;
  3. You serve as an example for other drivers and your children, who in the future will be drivers themselves.

Main rules to follow IN A CAR

  1. Always plan your journey at least one day in advance. You can, for example, check the route on-line to find out how long it will take.
  2. When you know how much time it will take, always add a few more minutes depending on the route's length, e.g. 30 minutes. It will allow you to avoid stress, increase your safety and lower the fuel cost.
  3. Choose tyres recommended by the car's manufacturer, especially the ECO-friendly ones as they allow you to save fuel .
  4. Check the air pressure in the tyres.
  5. Remove all unnecessary items from your car's boot.
  6. Remove the top carrier if it is not used.
  7. Use a GPS device as your habitual routes can result in higher cost than a route calculated by the device.
  8. If it is possible, try not to accelerate or brake rapidly and don't exceed the speed limit.
  9. Maintain constant speed.
  10. When on a motorway, use the inside lane so that you are not forced to drive faster
  11. Try to decelerate using the engine.
  12. If you know you will be stoopingfor longer e.g. At a train crossing, turn off your engine.
  13. Set the indicator to display mileage.
  14. Try not to overtake cars if you don't need to.
  15. Don't overuse the air-conditioning
  16. When purchasing a car, check its average mileage. Hybrid and diesel engines are the most economical.



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